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Leiths is now open and all cookery courses are open for bookings.

We have a minimum age of 18 on all courses, subject to exceptions. Should an exception be made [see age limits on course and class pages] then this policy will apply for those students who are 17 and under.  

Where students who are 17 and under attend courses run by Leiths, Leiths will be acting as a Regulated Activity Provider with ultimate responsibility for the management and control of any Regulated Activity carried out on those courses, for the purposes of the Safeguarding and Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

1.  All prospective staff are interviewed thoroughly before being employed, we check proof of identification and take up references prior to employment.

2.  Leiths shall:

  • Ensure that all individuals engaged in a Regulated Activity are subject to a valid enhanced disclosure check for regulated activity undertaken through the Disclosure and Barring Service; and
  • Not employ or use the services of any person who is barred from, or whose previous conduct or records indicate that he or she would not be suitable to carry out Regulated Activity or who may otherwise present a risk to students.

3. All new staff are given a copy of this policy as part of their induction pack. Existing staff have been given a copy of this policy.

4. All teaching staff are required to take basic health and safety at work and basic food handling examinations to ensure that we offer a safe working environment for children or vulnerable adults . Staff also complete a COSHH training course. Files are examined annually to ensure that all their training is up to date.

5.  Staff undergo an annual assessment where any issues raised by staff or students are addressed. Any serious concerns are addressed immediately. 

6. All parents or guardians of prospective students are sent a copy of our safety advice. The parents/guardians are asked to read the document and sign it to confirm that they have read it with their children or vulnerable adults.

7. If the children or vulnerable adults wish to go out of the building during a break we have to have written permission from the parents to confirm that this is allowed. We have a written form that needs to be signed by the parents. (This only applies to our teenage courses and is not applicable for courses run for younger children.)

8. No teacher is left alone with a child or vulnerable adults. 

9. All teaching staff are either trained or undergoing teaching training qualifications and are asked to be aware of any sign of abuse be it physical , emotional, sexual or neglect. 

10. If a student discloses abuse staff are asked to treat the allegation very seriously and act at all times towards the child or vulnerable adult as if they believe what they are saying. The policy at Leiths is to reassure the child or vulnerable adult that they are believed, that they were right to speak to the member of staff and to keep notes of the conversation with the child or vulnerable adult. The member of staff must tell the child or vulnerable adult what he/she will do next and must then tell the Managing Director immediately about the conversation.  The member of staff will not interrogate the child or vulnerable adult and will not make promises that he/she cannot keep. Nothing will be said to make the child or vulnerable adults feel responsible for the alleged abuse.

11. An accurate account of any disclosure must be made. This will include dates and times, the names of the people involved, what was said by whom and what action was taken. The Deputy Managing Director is the designated person for safeguarding children and in her absence the report should be made to the Managing Director or Principal.

12. All staff have a duty to report concerns about other members of staff and we guarantee to make every effort to guarantee confidentiality. Whistle blowing should be made, in confidence, to Caroline Waldegrave. [School will be able to provide contact details for Caroline on request.]

13. We do our best to guarantee a safe working environment and staff are asked to be aware of all aspects of our health and safety and hygiene policies – copies of which are given to them in their induction pack.

14. We do not arrange school trips for children or vulnerable adults to venues away from our school kitchens. Where children are required to move to another venue (i.e. Kite Art Studios with our younger childrens’ class) they will be accompanied by at least 2 adults to ensure their safety.

Treatment of children and vulnerable adults at Leiths School of Food and Wine

• Employees must not use harsh or inappropriate language, degrading punishment or any type of restraining device in the name of behaviour management

• Employees must not use physical punishment in any form. The only time physical force is allowed to be used against a child or vulnerable adult is when their actions are placing others at an immediate risk for serious harm

• When accompanying a group of children out of the building and along a public road, great care must be taken to protect children from traffic or any other danger.

Before leaving the building a check must be made that all children are present.

It should be agreed that a member of staff will lead the group and a member of staff will walk at the end of the group and these roles must be discussed so the staff know what they will be doing. Ideally and for larger groups a 3rd member of staff should walk along the middle of the group keeping the group away from the road.

The children should be escorted as a compact group, should walk along the pavement away from the edge of the kerb where possible.

If the children need to cross a road, one member of staff should mind the group whilst the other stops any traffic.

Any questions at all should be raised with a Managing Director at Leiths.


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