Camilla Schneideman
Managing Director

Camilla Schneideman

Camilla Schneideman was appointed Managing Director in 2008. A graduate of Leiths School of Food and Wine, Camilla went on to work in restaurants here and abroad before establishing the successful Café Divertimenti and Divertimenti Cookery School. Camilla has also published 'The Divertimenti Cook Book'. She is responsible for the overall management of the School.

Claire Macdonald

Claire Macdonald

Past experience: I trained at Leiths before gaining experience in the kitchen world at Leiths Restaurant and The Goose. I returned to Leiths to teach and was appointed Principal in 2007.

Kitchen gadget: a sharp knife

Chefs most inspired by: my past Diploma students

Best food memory: Butter

Guilty food pleasure: Butter

Dessert island ingredient: Butter

Top Tipple: Whisky

Jenny Stringer
Deputy Managing Director

Jenny Stringer

Past experience: I trained at Leiths 23 years ago and went to work in professional kitchens, on a Caribbean island and for the Prince of Wales before returning to Leiths as a teacher.

Kichen gadget: Potato ricer or my stainless steel baster for making gravy

Chefs most inpired by: Bruce Poole and Matt Christmas, they’ve cooked me more delicious meals than anyone else

Best food memory: Spaghetti vongole on honeymoon in Rome or fresh crab on a beautiful summer's day overlooking the sea in Cornwall

Guilty food pleasure: Pink chocolate

Dessert island dish: Lobster bisque

Top Tipple: A Cosmopolitan or a glass of Viognier

Michael Cropp
Class Teacher

Michael Cropp

Past experience: Before studying for the Leiths Diploma I worked for a small food business in the Highlands of Scotland making everything from jam to clootie to hand made chocolates. After graduating I worked at Michelin-star restaurants La Trompette in Chiswick and The Glasshouse in Kew before returning to Leiths as a teacher.

Chef you are most inspired by: Nathan Outlaw

Best food memory: So many… poached foie gras with beef consommé at Pied à Terre in London

Guilty food pleasure: Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Dessert island dish: Steak, chips and béarnaise sauce

Top Tipple: Something red or white from Burgundy

Heli Miles
Class Teacher

Heli Miles

Past Experience: After completing the Leiths Diploma I worked at Chez Bruce for 2 years, beginning as pastry chef and then going on to work in Kitchen CDP. I worked in styling and testing for magazine publishing houses and cooked for private clients

Kitchen gadget : Microplane and heatproof spoonula

Chef most inspired by: Simon Rogan

Best food memory: Summers in Greece stocking up on fresh spanakopita, souvlaki and loukemades with my mother and sister….the anticipation OMG!

Guilty pleasure: Too many to choose….I cannot say no to an ‘honest burger’. I also guiltily hanker after a stellar fish finger sarnie.

Desert island dish: Aged ribeye, béarnaise and triple cooked chips

Top Tipple: Any decent pinot noir

Helene Robinson-Moltke
Senior Teacher & Saturday Co-ordinator

Helene Robinson-Moltke

Past experience: After gaining the Leiths Diploma I worked as a private Chef for a North London Company before returning to Leiths to teach.

Kitchen gadget: Heat-proof spatula

Chefs most inspired by: Brett Graham

Best food memory: Risalamande (a traditional Danish Christmas Dessert)

Guilty food pleasure: Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Dessert island ingredient: Pork Belly

Ansobe Smal
Senior Teacher

Ansobe Smal

Past experience: After completing the Leiths Advanced Certificate I worked as a chef for a post production company. I taught evening classes, Saturdays and corporates at Leiths before joining the full-time teaching team in 2007. I occasionally work as a private chef in London and France.

Kitchen gadget: My candy apple red Kitchen Aid

Chef most inspired by: Raymond Blanc, Nathan Outlaw

Best food memories: Sunday family lunches and the Pistachio soufflé with hot chocolate sauce at Murano

Guilty food pleasure: Hot dog with Herta frankfurters and tomato sauce

Dessert island dish: BBQ butterfly leg of lamb

Top Tipple: Pimms, Hendricks G&T, Crabbies

Sue Nixon
Senior Teacher

Sue Nixon

Past experience: After completing the Leiths Diploma I worked as a freelance chef working the ski season, private chefing, running private cooking lessons, assisting home economists and demonstrating. I've been teaching at Leiths since 2009.

Kitchen gadget: Silicone spatula (I have 7)

Chefs most inspired by: Fanny Cradock (seriously, what a woman!), Marguerite Patten (genius) and Nigel Slater (love his books)

Best food memory: my whole family around the table for a roast, followed by crumble, cheese and wine

Guilty food pleasure: Tizer and Mini Cheddars

Desert Island ingredient: Eggs

Top tipple: Dark and Stormy...dangerous

Hannah Maclennan
Senior Teacher

Hannah Maclennan

Past experience: I gained the Leiths Diploma in 1999 and worked for Mary Berry as an assistant, a private chef and head chef for the Head of the Army. I became a class teacher at Leiths between 2002-2008, left to run a cookery school in Hampshire for 6 years and have now returned to Leiths as a senior teacher.

Kitchen gadget: Sauce whisk

Chef most inspired by: Simon Rogan

Best food memory: Kidneys and baked beans for breakfast as a child

Guilty food pleasure: Lindt Dark Caramel and sea salt chocolate

Dessert island ingredient: Potatoes

Top tipple: Gin and Tonic with lots of fresh lemon

Belinda Spinney
Senior Teacher

Belinda Spinney

Past experience: After finishing my training, I became a private chef. I moved into food styling, working for freelance home economists, in various areas, including editorial, food packaging and books. I spent two years managing a Soho restaurant, followed by teaching on cookery holidays in Italy before joining the Leiths teaching team.

Kitchen gadget: Silicone spatula

Chefs most inspired by: Harold McGee, Raymond Blanc

Best food memory: Roast lamb with friends and family around the table

Guilty food pleasure: Salted cashew nuts

Desert island ingredient: Rice

Top tipple: Ale

David Gee

David Gee

Past experience: After gaining a degree in hospitality management and culinary arts from Manchester University I worked in a number of acclaimed fine dining restaurants including L'Enclume under Simon Rogan.

Kitchen gadget: Spatula

Chef you are most inspired by: Simon Rogan

Best food memory: My 21st Birthday meal at Le Coquillage

Guilty food pleasure: Heinz Baked beans or tomato soup

Dessert island ingredient: Black pudding

Top Tipple: Any good ale or beer

Jane Montgomery

Jane Montgomery

Kitchen gadget: Microplane

Chefs most inspired by: Delia (80s learning), Ottelenghi (flavour combinations) and Bertinet (perfect croissants/bread)

Best food memory: Rock cakes (with the intention of making muffins)

Guilty food pleasure: Beans on toast

Dessert island dish: Anything chocolate

Top Tipple: Gin -martini, sloe or with tonic

Mark Williams
Freelance Teacher

Mark Williams

Past experience: Long career in Royal Mail before undertaking the full Leiths Diploma in 2004/5. Some private work, and 5 years at Venturis table catering company, catering for weddings, parties and running corporate team building cookery events. Joined Leiths as a freelance teacher in 2010. 

Favourite kitchen gadget: Woll pan with detachable handle - from hob to oven

Chef most inspired by: Delia (my first proper cookbook), Keith Floyd (most entertaining TV chef) and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Best food memory: Making shortcrust Jam tarts with my Granny (a Cook by profession) when I was 6

Guilty pleasure: Bacon Sandwich with HP sauce (anytime of the day)

Desert island dish: Any fish cooked over charcoal

Top tipple: Decent ale or craft beer

Jo Hynes
Operations and Events Manager

Jo Hynes

Past experience: I've worked within the food industry for over 20 years, from chalet girl to chef in a top London restaurant, to chef’s P.A. and recipe tester

Kitchen gadget: I'm quite a gadget queen – my current favourite is the spiralizer

Chef most inspired by: Alastair Little

Best food memory: my Grandma’s sherry trifle – lots of booze and lots of custard

Guilty food pleasure: Anything with chocolate

Dessert island dish: Ceviche

Top Tipple: Anything with bubbles!

Rosie I'Anson
School Administrator and Events Coordinator

Rosie I'Anson

Past experience: Part time private caterer and full time Milliner

Favourite kitchen gadget: Dishwasher

Chef most inspired by: Heston Blumenthal for imagination and Rick Stein for his passion.

Best food memory: Catching Mackerel on the West coast of Scotland, barbecuing it on the beach eating it fresh. Nothing better!

Guilty pleasure: Mayonnaise with everything!

Desert island dish: Mum's cooked breakfast

Top tipple: Whiskey and Ginger

Jen Coles
Marketing Manager

Jen Coles

Past experience: After gaining a BA in English Literature and an MA in Journalism, I worked as a news reporter for the Northamptonshire Telegraph and the York Press, before freelancing for three years. I was then Social Media Manager at Booker and a Communications Manager for the Civil Service.

Kitchen gadget: My new Heston blender

Chefs you are most inspired by: Camilla and Jenny

Best food memory: Being invited to share barbecued langoustines with locals in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Guilty food pleasure: Once I start on a cheese board, there's no stopping me...

Desert island ingredient: I would probably go for a nutritionally complete meal shake until I was rescued. It wouldn't be very delicious, but it would give me the best chance of survival.

Top Tipple: An Oscar Wilde - Champagne, Absinthe and a sugar cube.

Lily Grouse
Press and Marketing Officer

Lily Grouse

Past experience: Having been raised by parents with an all consuming love for food and a healthy appreciation of wine and gin, it was only natural that I followed in their footsteps! After completing my BA in Drama & Theatre Studies, I embarked upon a foodie adventure around the Antipodes for 9 months before returning to England and cutting my teeth in recruitment. I'm now thrilled to be doing the marketing for something I love. 

Kitchen gadget: My stove top espresso pot

Chefs you are most inspired by: Heston Blumenthal, I'm a sucker for a bit of culinary magic

Best food memory: Sharing a delicious grouse with my mum at The General Tarleton in Yorkshire and finding it hilarious that we were eating our namesake 

Guilty food pleasure: Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup with homemade croutons 

Desert island ingredient: An unlimited supply of Saint Agur 

Top Tipple: A generous splash of Gin Mare with Fever Tree's Mediterranean tonic water

Pamela Collins
Bookings Coordinator

Pamela Collins

Past experience: I worked on the food counter at The Ship in Hammersmith

Kitchen gadget: Spatula

Chef most inspired by: Heston Blumenthal

Best food memory: I’ll always remember my first visit to Gaucho, as a meat lover I was in heaven!

Guilty food pleasure: No guilt, just pleasure!

Dessert island dish: Mango sorbet

Top Tipple: White or red Rioja

Gemma Keatley
Saturday Office Manager

Gemma Keatley

Past experience: Originally from a finance background having worked in the Banking sector and for a major PR consultancy for a number of years. Now a  mother of two, I love cooking for my family and joined Leiths in Dec '12

Favourite kitchen gadget: Gravy Fat Skimmer Jug 

Chef most inspired by: Original TV series -  Delia, Rick Stein and Keith Floyd 

Best food memory: Holidays galore! I enjoy finding authentic restaurants/stalls on my travels

Guilty pleasure: Gourmet crackers & cheese (of all varieties) with a glass, or few, of Chablis

Desert island dish: Toasted rye, smashed avocado and grilled smoked bacon

Top tipple: Espresso Martini

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