5 Reasons to Take the Two Term Diploma

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5 Reasons to Take the Two Term Diploma

Are you a confident, experienced cook dreaming of a successful career in food? Take a look at our top 5 reasons of why our two term diploma could be just right for you...

1. The Qualification

The Leiths Two Term Diploma in Food and Wine is renowned in the culinary world and is a very highly respected qualification for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the food industry. In just six months you can be equipped with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a confident, competent professional chef and be fast-tracked towards a successful career in food.

What’s so brilliant is that as you take the Leiths Diploma, you will also gain an impressive line-up of qualifications with no additional study, including the CTH Level 4 Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts, which is just one level below a full degree. You can check out the other qualifications here.

2. Careers

Our wonderful alumni have gone on to launch some really incredible careers across the food industry; writing for food magazines, food styling, recipe development, launching their own food businesses, leading restaurant teams as head chefs, and the list goes on. As the Leiths Diploma is one of the most respected culinary qualifications in the country, you will graduate in an excellent position to dive straight into the industry and achieve your dream.

We know how daunting it can be starting out, or tackling a career change, which is why we have Leiths List in place; our in-house careers agency. There are many solid career paths out there to aim for, such as working as a professional in-house chef for a major food retailer or as an executive chef at a highly successful restaurant. The opportunities are there, and our Leiths List team are here to support you throughout your career, connecting you with a fantastic network of employers across the UK and abroad.

3. Our Teachers

“The teachers have excellent industry and subject specific knowledge. They have a passion for cooking and are highly effective at using this experience and interest to engage students, building their confidence and enthusiasm.” – Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2016

You won’t be let down by our fantastic, passionate teachers. The quality of our teaching was rated as excellent by last year’s graduates. Our teachers love to teach as much as they love to cook and this shines through in every class they lead! They all have at least two years of industry experience, and many have a lot more than that, so they recognise first-hand the challenges and the excitement that comes with working in a professional kitchen. There is a real feeling of community and family here at Leiths and our teachers will be here to support, challenge and inspire you throughout your journey.

4. The Curriculum

Ever since Leiths was founded in 1975, our ethos has remained strong; we are committed to equipping our students with the skills to cook good, simple, uncomplicated, delicious food to an extremely high professional standard. Our ethos hasn’t changed, but this isn’t to say we’re old fashioned or stuck in the past, in fact we’re quite the opposite. We are constantly keeping up to date with current food trends and we represent, and evolve with, the British food scene of today. Throughout the course, we are joined by a vast array of amazing guest chefs and culinary experts who come in for inspirational lectures and demonstrations. Last year, this included visits from Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich from Honey & Co, and chef-restaurateur Henry Harris.

5. Culture

When describing Leiths culture, the word family springs to mind. The atmosphere at Leiths really is noticeably warm, welcoming and feels like a very large, extended family. Over the length of the course you will be surprised at the brilliant, valuable relationships you form, with both the staff and fellow students. Caitlin, who graduated in June 2018, said, “the teachers are so supportive, you see yourself progress so quickly, and you make friends for life.” It’s not unusual for us to see students uniting, graduating and going on to creating food businesses together - you never know where your Leiths friendships may take you!

The Two Term Diploma starts in January 2020 and comprises of the Intermediate and Advanced Certificates. You must have enough knowledge of cookery, previous culinary training, or sufficient practical experience to omit the Foundation Term. The course runs from 6th January to 20th March 2020 (Intermediate Term), and from 14th April to 26th June 2020 (Advanced Term). You will also need to be available for a skills week at Leiths in December (Monday 16th – Friday 20th December 2019). It may be possible for internationals students to make alternative arrangements.

If you are interested in taking our two term diploma, please book an informal interview and tour of the school by calling 0208 7496400 and asking to speak to the Registrar, or by emailing registrar@leiths.com.

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