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Amateur Table X Talia Yilmaz

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Amateur Table X Talia Yilmaz

This week Very Kerri steps away from her usual haunts to review the latest Amateur Table supperclub by Talia Yilmaz...

We’re all ‘foodies’ right? We brunch all day, scoff small plates all night and know our bao buns from our “you okay huns?”. In London alone, with circa 60 weekly openings, we’re lucky to have the likes of Clerkenwell Boy, Rosie Birkett and Gizzi to filter down who and what is hot in food. On Very Kerri, I’ve always made an active effort to give as much love to our industry stalwarts, enter Wild Honey and Bocca di Lupo for example, as the newbies, but I’ve unintentionally left the Supperclub and pop-up scene off the radar. Well, times are changing.

Amongst the ones to watch is The Amateur Table, birth-child of Lily Gjertsen. The vibe is to create an engaged community of passionate cooks to collaborate with on events, festivals and Supperclubs. The latter comes to fruition on the first Saturday of the month, whereby a Battersea kitchen is headed up by one of said chefs and tickets are sold to the public. I’m off to to Talia Yilmaz’s takeover and ready to soak up some Turkish spirit.

The dining room is flooded with THAT 7pm glow and hessian-covered trestle tables are covered with peonies. The adjoining open kitchen makes the whole thing so familiar and homely. As I’m stashing wine in the fridge (it’s BYO), I get chatting about pulled lamb (typical) with a lovely lady Angie helping keep the show on the road. I later find out Angie is Lily’s mum, and am pleased to see it’s not just me who likes to keep things in the family. Big love, Mama.

When we do settle down, we are welcomed with grilled aubergine unravelling with creamy tahini dressing and an obligatory smattering of toasted almonds. I’ve brought the Ridgeview Fitzrovia Rose I’ve been nursing since visiting the winery a few weeks ago. Such a gluggable fizz would go with anything, and cuts through Talia’s turmeric-spiced fritters fabulously. The slow-cooked lamb feast and just-on-the-right-side-of-charred flat breads which follow are wonderfully received. Vegetarians are lovingly looked after with grilled cauliflower hearts, and soon we’re all best friends, toasting with Turkey’s drink Raki; Lion’s milk for those in the know.

Throughout all of this foodie fun, Talia has worked the room like a pro; her energy is infectious. She finishes on a rip-roaring high with cardamon custard and lavender honey ice cream; an unassuming pudding packed with bags of flavour. We’re sent home skipping thanks to Talia’s Turkish delights and a Raki for the road. There are ‘foodies’, and then there are game changers in our food scene; which is exactly what The Amateur Table are doing with this monthly Supperclub. 

Five Very Kerri things about The Amateur Table

  1. Bringing likeminded people together out of a love for food and drink
  2. The beaut Battersea venue
  3. New foodie ideas every god damn day
  4. BYO
  5. Lily's mum

Kerri McGuinness

Author: Kerri McGuinness


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