Celebratory Cronuts: Saving the best until last

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Celebratory Cronuts: Saving the best until last

As the end of the diploma approaches for our student bloggers, Lauren reflects on eating her way around London's finest bakeries, saving the best for last, of course...

Nine months later and we’re a few days away from graduating. To say it’s been a whirlwind of cake, pastry and chocolate would not be an exaggeration. Amongst my Leiths journey, there has also been the exploration of London’s finest bakeries where I have slowly, but surely, ticked off many of the best that the city has to offer. Have I been saving the best until last? Maybe. Probably. Yes, yes I have. 

I have previously mentioned Dominique Ansel’s Cronut, when I had the opportunity to sample one at Bake 4 Syria back in November. It’s taken me this long, however, to visit his bakery in Victoria. A stones throw from the station, you might merrily walk passed it unaware, if it wasn’t for the beautiful floral archway welcoming you in. Upon going inside, exquisite patisserie display proudly from the cabinets and cheerful staff are ready to take your order (or patiently wait for 1028262 minutes whilst you umm and ahh over what to have). I am normally quite decisive, but when spoilt for choice, my greediness takes over and I want everything! 

“exquisite patisserie display proudly from the cabinets and cheerful staff are ready to take your order”

I eventually settle upon the Watermelon soft serve that I have seen all over Instagram and as it’s my favourite fruit, I cannot resist. Carole and Tessa choose the monthly Cronut, Mirabelle Plum Jam with Lychee Ganache. Although I am quietly shocked that the soft serve costs £7.45, I have faith that I won’t be disappointed. We sit outside and bask in the sun and brilliance that is Dominique Ansel. The watermelon is beautifully refreshing and perfect for a sunny day (albeit a little tricky to eat). The Cronut, once again, proves it's a work of genius. 

There is much to be learnt from Dominique Ansel, never having the same flavour of Cronut twice, across all of his bakeries around the world. The attention to detail and perfection that he offers through his patisserie is amazing and it makes me want to strive towards that sort of creativity and success. If you are in the area and find yourself wanting to be stunned by cake, look no further. 

It baffles me that my Advanced Term practical exam is in a couple of days and I am about to ballotine my third chicken of the weekend and bake my second tart tatin. Who would have thought that would be a sentence I’d be writing? I leave Leiths happy in the knowledge that this has been the best decision I have ever made. I am lucky and grateful to have met friends who put up with me asking “ooh, can I try some?” after every bake that we do, and been inspired by the talent and creativity of my teachers. There have been tears at tough beef and joy at a perfect mirror glaze, none of which I would change. I look forward to reading next year's Student Story posts, it’s been a pleasure being part of this blogging community. 

Lauren Cartridge

Author: Lauren Cartridge

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