Chinese Cooking at Home; Q&A with Ching He Huang #LeithsTakeovers

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Chinese Cooking at Home; Q&A with Ching He Huang #LeithsTakeovers

To round up Ching He Huang's Leiths takeover this week, we asked author of Wok On, Ching, a few questions about cooking quick, healthy Chinese dishes at home.

It’s no secret that a Chinese takeaway is a UK favourite for a Friday night. Are there any classic takeaway dishes which can be easily replicated at home?

My favourite Chinese Takeaway flavour profiles are definitely:

- Sweet and Sour Chicken

- Hot and Sour Soup

- Kung Po Tofu

You can easily re-create Chinese dishes like these at home. If you want any guidance and recipe inspiration, I have a large recipe video library to explore on my website and it’s free to sign up.

Have your eating/cooking habits shifted during this lockdown period? If so, how?

I am lucky in that before lockdown I have always had large Chinese pantry because of my work. I test a lot of recipes at home anyway, but as my store cupboard started to run out of ingredients I have had to adapt and make some substitutions.

It’s handy that most supermarkets stock many Chinese essentials such as rice wine, soy sauce and five spice, so I haven’t had to miss out on my favourite dishes. It’s been really more about using other brands as opposed to being able to get hold of the actual ingredient itself.

Chinese cuisine is particularly adaptable - just swap out one ingredient for another, for example, mushrooms instead of chicken, or tofu instead of prawns. It’s innately flexible; which is one of the reasons I love it.

Can you name three staple store cupboard ingredients for Chinese cooking at home?

I can’t live without Shaosing rice wine (it makes everything taste amazing), dark soy sauce (gives depth of colour) and light soy sauce.

This is a hard list because I cannot live without my toasted sesame oil, oyster sauce and black rice vinegar too!

What is your favourite healthy Chinese dish, as a go-to for an easy dinner?

This is a tough question as it depends on my mood.

Lately, due to the Lockdown, we have been eating a lot of rice. It is a comfort food. It’s also easy to cook for family members, and is really filling.

I tend to make extra at a meal time and then use any leftover to turn it into fried rice. And you can pretty much throw any leftover ingredients in to make your fried rice unique and delicious.

I love my Black Pepper Bacon Pineapple Fried Rice…it’s sweet, salty, is more-ishly delicious and also my Smoked Salmon Egg Fried Rice. I have included both recipes in my #LeithsTakeover this week.

Can you recommend any vegan Chinese dishes?

I would suggest my Sweetcorn Mapo Tofu - the sweetcorn kernels add crunch a little sweetness to what is otherwise a spicy Sichuan classic!

I’m really proud of this creation and it’s from my latest book WOK ON. Half of the book is actually vegan and I would recommend folks to check it out.

Happy wokking! Love Ching xxx

You can order a copy of Ching's book Wok On here.

Book Credit: Wok On by Ching-He Huang is published by Kyle Books £20,00,, Photography by Tamin Jones.

Although our school doors aren't yet open, we look forward to welcoming Ching back into the building in the future for her popular Chinese cooking classes. If you want to develop your cooking skills from home, we offer a selection of professional online cooking courses where you can experience expert Leiths training from the comfort of your own home.


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