City Harvest Rescues Six Million Meals

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City Harvest Rescues Six Million Meals

Leiths have supported City Harvest, a local charity rescuing surplus food and delivering it to vulnerable people, for the past three years. Fiona Carney, engagement manager at the charity, updates us on their work.

This month City Harvest rescued its six millionth meal, a landmark figure! Established in 2014, City Harvest rescues food surplus and delivers to those who need it the most. Chilled vans form rapid response units, connecting waste and want, seven days a week, throughout the capital.

City Harvest’s valued relationship with Leiths offers such a rich source of resources, talent, food, expertise and continuing support. Leiths staff volunteer with City Harvest, spending the day delivering and collecting food on vans or helping in the warehouse. City Harvest has an active volunteer program working with companies and individuals, and people end up feeling part of a big family.

We believe it is important to involve people in our work as much as possible, rather than just asking for money. Helping people feels good!

Victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy required support from their local community, and City Harvest received an excess of food to help people in need. Leiths offered City Harvest storage space for the excess food, a demonstration of the relationship’s social impact.

In May, City Harvest held a wonderful evening with Mike’s Table at Leiths. It was a powerful, fun and enriching experience, exposing people to what we do as a charity. And this September 2019, City Harvest is launching City Supper Clubs. You’ll see beautiful meals cooked by top chefs, using surplus food. The cover charge will go towards ongoing fundraising efforts.

We believe in educating students about the need to prevent food waste and the food industry’s social responsibility is paramount. City Harvest speaks at industry events, sits on discussion panels and is tirelessly promoting everyone’s absolute right to food. Step by step we are working to eliminate food waste and eradicate food poverty.

We are so appreciative of the interest Leiths have taken in City Harvest and the £6,500 you have raised for us through your canapé evenings. These funds will go directly towards rescuing nutritious food for the thousands of Londoners facing adversity each day. At City Harvest we believe that a nourishing meal is the first step in transforming a life. The vulnerable individuals that visit the 300 City Harvest partner charities throughout London for a warm meal, also receive the friendship, support and services that enable them to improve their health and circumstances. A recent impact study determined that your generous donation to fund our food redistribution efforts will ultimately have a £30,000 impact on society as lives are rebuilt and the environment is protected from the toxic effects of wasted food. Our passionate team, many of whom have experienced hunger, hardship, and homelessness first-hand, are driven by the notion of how much of an impact just one of our vans makes each day. We are so pleased to have Leiths as a partner in our work nourishing and improving the lives of thousands of people each week, many of whom are within walking distance of Leiths School.

Author: Fiona Carney


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