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Jesse is exhausted but thankful as students get stuck into intermediate term.

Feet aching, hands raw, in bed by 9pm…yep, this is definitely second term.

Fourth week in to 2016 and I cannot believe how many new techniques we have already learnt and how much food we have already made! To say it has been easy keeping up with the steady filling of my fridge would just be a lie yet, as I write this, my steamed treacle pudding in front of me, to say that it is nevertheless quite pleasurable would be the biggest understatement ever!

It is the best feeling to be able to answer the question, 'so what did you cook today?’ with increasingly lengthy lists of truly drool-worthy food; lists full of wonderful sounding recipes such as ‘honey bavarois’, ‘sole bonne femme’ and, yes, ‘goats cheese souffle’.

Of course, with these new skills has come mounting pressure and higher expectations, not only from our teachers but also from ourselves. The idea of scrambling our ‘crème anglaise’ is now as abhorrent as burning a shop bought M&S pizza… if sometimes just as frequent.

All of us are now taking on greater challenges than we ever thought we could be capable of at this point in the diploma. There is talk in the changing rooms of working for Gordon Ramsey, doing a ‘stage’ at Rick Stein’s and even having James Martin’s PA as a follower on Instagram….! 

All of these opportunities would definitely not be possible without the school behind us and the fact we are not even half way through the course is just so exciting. There are still so many more possibilities to come and who knows what is round the corner! 

Author: Lizzy Jones


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