Leiths Cheddar

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Leiths Cheddar

Founder of Cutting the Curd, Louise Talbot, is returning to Leiths to host her Artisan Cheese Making class, this time featuring a very special Cheddar...

I am delighted to introduce ‘Leiths Cheddar’ to the Cookery School programme.

Although teaching a wide variety of cheeses (Halloumi, Mozzarella, Feta, Edam, etc), I am frequently asked “how do you make Cheddar?” It’s justifiably held in high regard with some very fine examples produced in this country and the thought of being able to make it in your own home is an exciting prospect for many!

Once the basic principles of cheese making are learnt, students will begin the process of turning creamy milk into a beautiful little truckle of cheddar which they’ll then mature over the next 1-3 months. The longer they’re matured, the stronger the flavour!

Traditionally curds are ‘cheddared’ over a period time, which would normally prevent a cheddar from being made on a one day Cookery School course. However, by using different techniques, a beautiful rustic cheddar can be made. An initial press of 5 kilo’s will take place during the course, but students will need to have prepared in advance some additional weights to continue pressing at home – a total of 13 hours. Suggestions include dumb bells, bricks wrapped in clingfilm, saucepans of water, tiles, etc.

The ‘first press’ cheddar will be taken home in its mould. Once fully pressed, brined and air-dried for 24 hours, the little cheddar will be waxed. Students will be given cheese wax during the course with a demonstration of the wax layering technique, and notes will be supplied on preferred maturing conditions.

Despite teaching at a number of Cookery Schools throughout the country, it is only at Leiths that we’ll make a cheddar in a day!

Author: Louise Talbot

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