#LeithsLoves a Leiths Love Story

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#LeithsLoves a Leiths Love Story

As it's Valentine's day, we couldn't resist but share with you our very own Leiths Love Story. Jacqui and David met during our cooking skills week last summer, and unexpectedly left with a little more than an enhanced cooking repertoire.

It all started on my daily commute where a poster caught my eye. It was a lovely image, a smiling man surrounded by countryside. He was a banker turned chef. He was #MadeAtLeiths.

Needless to say the ad worked a charm. I jumped onto the Leiths website and discovered the perfect course - a week-long ‘Cooking Skills Week’ course teaching everything from making hollandaise to filleting a fish.

From the moment I arrived, I fell in love with the school and I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my life. All the teachers were lovely, the classes were brilliant and there was a great mix of people. I met a guy who managed musicians, a lawyer, an army surgeon who had been working in Iraq, and a retired private equity guy whose wife had sent him off to learn to cook.

But perhaps the best person that I met all week was a fellow Australian, who lived in Switzerland and had decided that he’d had quite enough of the lacklustre Swiss ready meals...

Throughout the course of the week, we bonded over our daily mini cooking disasters (well more his - including somehow managing to burn peas and his struggles with the cartouche) and I found myself looking forward to more than just learning how to make a Tarte Tatin or Frangipane Flan each day.

And now here we are, 6 months and over 20 flights between Zurich and London later, officially a #MadeAtLeiths couple! Together we are very slowly working our way through the Leiths How to Cook book.

I came to Leiths expecting to expand my love of cooking, but ended up finding even more!

If you have any lovely Leiths stories you would like to share, we always love to hear them. Drop us an email at liv.shaheen@leiths.com to be featured in our #LeithsLoves or #MadeAtLeiths series.


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