#LeithsLoves - Wines from Around the World with Amelia Singer

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#LeithsLoves - Wines from Around the World with Amelia Singer

Next week, wine expert Amelia Singer is here to share her wisdom and passion of wines from around the world. You can join us for a relaxed, interactive day diving into and embracing the Old and New Worlds of wine. Here's a little intro to the class from Amelia herself.

A few days before my Masterclass at Leiths I will be chairing an Intelligence Squared debate between Jancis Robinson and Oz Clarke. The argument is - ‘Old World vs New World.’ When I started in the industry these definitions seemed to carry more significance. Ten years later in the trade – with today’s changing climate, varying consumer base and technological and viticulture advances – is it really possible for us to perceive and ACTUALLY taste wine in this way?

I was pretty much weaned on wine by my European father. His work enabled him to travel all around continent the where he would delight in finding vinous gems that he could share with us over the family Sunday lunch. I was appreciating Portuguese, Spanish, Austrian wine way before it became commonplace in the UK and we took great delight in opening a couple of bottles from different countries and seeing what we thought. It wasn’t a ‘bottle off’ so to speak but more of an adventure and a way to connect to other places.

Similarly, every summer we would visit my mother’s family in Southern California where we could enjoy incredible local Cabernet and Chardonnay for a fifth of the price of what they would be in the UK. Again, family meal times were enhanced by eating local and drinking local. I didn’t realise it at the time, but this open-minded engagement was the most important aspect of my wine education.

For me, there are well-made wines which you enjoy, badly made wines which you discard and well-made wines which you wait for someone else to pay for. The subject of place is of course important to the story and context of that wine – but I was never brought up to see one part of the world as being superior to the other. They were just different – like instruments in an orchestra. Altogether they create a richer symphony of wine out there to enjoy.

If you would like to hear more about Amelia's experiences and taste some exquisite wines of her choice, join us for Wines from Around the World.

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