#MadeAtLeiths: Emilie Wade on her journey to food writing

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#MadeAtLeiths: Emilie Wade on her journey to food writing

As part of our #MadeAtLeiths series, Emilie Wade, the current Digital Food News Writer at newly launched Delish UK, shares her Leiths journey which led her towards a career in food writing.

I always looked at careers in food from afar. Sure, I loved eating it and loved being hands-on in the kitchen, but I never really thought it was a path I would take. It was only when I began working at a foodie start-up company that I developed a true interest in the business and development side of food. The company – Livia’s Kitchen, now 5 years down the line, is one of the UK’s leading free-from dessert brands and I was a part of its beginnings, it’s crazy really.

I enrolled at Leiths while partly still working for Livia’s but fully immersed myself into Leiths student life upon starting the full diploma – I wanted to live every inch of Leiths life! Every part of Leiths was exciting, from meeting talented fellow students, to learning from the best teachers who really, truly knew their stuff.

I chose Leiths because it’s modern, connected to the times and not scared to change things up when food culture shifts. The tutors have worked in the industry and have so much culinary wisdom. I was always there to pick their brains.

The diploma offered me more than I could have thought was possible. I don’t think I stopped sweating for the full year, mainly through sheer excitement but also nerves, stress and everything in-between. Looking back, it was all so worth it.

I don’t, and very much will never have ‘chefs hands’, so burns were sort of inevitable. I still wear the scars to this day - if anything, they are sort of a memento if you will! My highlight was being chosen to go down to Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant in Padstow for a week, an experience I will wholeheartedly cherish. However, if a fellow chef asks you to go find the ‘pigeon milk for the fish pie’, do not believe them for a second.

It was only until I was in my last few weeks at Leiths that it dawned on me what I wanted to pursue. I always had in my head that one day I wanted to work on a food magazine, but never did I think that it would be an option to me. When I left I moved to Berlin to find my way in food and help a good friend with an exciting catering venture. Within a month I started an editorial internship at Cee Cee Berlin – if you don’t know it, it’s basically a smaller version of Time Out Magazine but based on things happening in Berlin.

After moving back to London and starting a new writing role at Good Housekeeping Magazine, two years down the line I am now the Digital Food News Writer for newly launched Delish UK at Hearst – an online platform packed with recipes, ‘how to’ features and food news. I genuinely think if you are passionate and have a fair knowledge of something, anyone can write. I am also a little dyslexic, but I haven’t allowed that to hold me back in anything, ever. Good luck to all new starters at Leith’s, it will open so many exciting, unexpected doors.



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