My Evening at Leiths - Peruvian cookery with Jorge Baumhauer Da Silva, by Jennifer Irvine

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My Evening at Leiths - Peruvian cookery with Jorge Baumhauer Da Silva, by Jennifer Irvine

Author and entrepreneur, Jennifer Irvine, joined us for an evening at Leiths to explore classic Peruvian cuisine with Jorge Baumhauer Da Silva...

I am always keen to develop new cooking skills and explore different cuisines. As soon as I saw that Leiths was doing a Peruvian cookery course, my interest was ignited immediately. Those that know me know that I have studied cookery from Bali to Bangkok, so they are often surprised to discover that I still feel the need to learn. I am still on a journey with food and I love it.

Jorge Baumhauer Da Silva, the course leader, is truly inspirational and his love of food really shines through when he teaches. As an eager cook myself, it is obvious how passionate he is about Peruvian cooking, it really lies close to his heart and he loves to share his creations with others. His Peruvian evening did not disappoint and I'll have to start growing some of the ingredients myself, as they are not easily available in the UK yet! This includes the Aji Amarillo chilli, it is a very popular ingredient in Peruvian cooking, giving a fantastic depth of flavour.

The recipes were truly delicious, I have always been a lover of ceviche and so getting the chance to make this, alongside the expertise of Jorge, is something I am so grateful for. Another recipe that I will definitely be making for my family is the Lomo Saltado, a classic Peruvian-Chinese stir-fried fillet, flambeed in Pisco. This style of blended cuisine is known as Chifa, which is a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese ingredients. I was blown away by the taste of the steak. I admit the long list of ingredients can initially look daunting, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

The class was made better by the new improved kitchens and equipment that Leiths provide. The care and attention that has gone into the new design reiterates the professionalism of Leiths Cookery School to provide students with a fantastic learning experience.

Overall, my evening at Leiths was fantastic and I would highly recommend enrolling on an evening course or enthusiast class. There is a huge variety of classes on offer giving you the opportunity to learn from professionals, cook with exciting ingredients and develop new techniques. Leiths dedicates itself to the notion that we never stop learning.

If you want to experience an evening of Peruvian cookery, Jorge is back in January and March. See below for more of Jorge's classes and others you might be interested in.

Author: Jennifer Irvine

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