2018 at Leiths: New Year, New You, New Food

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2018 at Leiths: New Year, New You, New Food

If you're looking to make a big difference or start small, Leiths has a range of classes and courses to help you realise your culinary resolutions this year!

The decorations have come down, our presents are safely stowed away and we've eaten our fill of turkey sandwiches - Christmas is officially over and 2018 has arrived. While this is sad news for some (where did the time go?!) the New Year is a great opportunity to consider our resolutions and start making positive changes. We'd love to help you to achieve your goals, whether it's through changing your career, adapting your lifestyle or simply mastering a new skill.

A new career

It's never too late to start a career in food. If you have an undeniable passion for all things edible and are considering becoming part of the industry, we offer a variety of renowned professional courses throughout the year to suit different needs and time restrictions.

For those looking for a full time, comprehensive course, the Leiths Three Term Diploma in Food and Wine is a fantastic way to get gain all-round knowledge and hands on experience for both career changers and those who are just starting out in the job market. The Essential Certificate that runs both during the day or in the evenings is ideal for those who want to master professional skills in shorter time frames.

To get a real feel for the school and to decide whether it is the right fit for you, you can visit us on our open evenings on Monday 19th February or Wednesday 6th June 2018! Book your place here.


Focusing on your health and living a better lifestyle is a popular resolution after the odd mince pie (or two!) during the festive season, and there's no better place to start than by getting to grips with nutrition. 

As part of our extensive selection of over 150 classes, we offer sessions on sugar-free cooking, gluten and dairy-free cooking and achieving a healthy balance by making simple adjustments to current meal plans every day.

If you're interested in gaining a professional qualification in culinary nutrition, take a look at the hugely popular Nutrition in Culinary Practice. This course runs throughout the year and teaches you the facts about the nutritional make-up of food as well as how to apply that knowledge in the kitchen. You will leave us with practical experience that will help you to cook delicious, nourishing food for clients, yourself and your family. 

After the success of our first vegan class, our new evening course starts in May this year. The Everyday Vegan is ideal for vegans, those cooking for vegans, or those following a plant-based diet. If one of your resolutions for 2018 is to cut down on meat, dairy and eggs, whether it's for your health, the environment or animal welfare; this is a great way to start or add to your knowledge. 

Developing skills for a professional environment

Although many people think that becoming a chef is the only way to work with food, the culinary world is multi-faceted and diverse with plenty of professional avenues to explore.

Do you have a bright idea for a thriving food business? Or a serious passion for food writing? Would you love to see your food styling in the top publications? If so, we have a series of courses and classes run by industry experts to aid you in your journey to becoming skilled in your chosen area.

You can browse our full range of courses for professional development here

New hobbies and skills

Resolutions don't need to be completely life changing, in fact starting with something small can boost your confidence and lead to bigger things later on. Our enthusiast classes are great for those that want to try a new cuisine, meet like-minded foodies and master a skill - all whilst cooking and tasting some great food, of course! 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Knife Skills series - LEARN MORE

These classes are some of our most popular. The first lesson in a cook's training is to learn to select, handle and maintain knives. Each knife has a specific purpose for which it is best suited. Learning to use each knife confidently and accurately takes a great deal of practice, and we can help you on your way to mastering the art.

One Pot Cooking with Alan Rosenthal - LEARN MORE

Simple, satisfying and delicious: the one pot meal is a powerful part of any cook's repertoire! Join Alan Rosenthal and the Leiths chefs as you learn how to create wholesome dishes such as Cuttlefish braised in red wine, cloves and bay leaves, and the perfect Chicken and seafood paella.

Wine classes at Leiths - LEARN MORE

Whether you join us for a four-course lunch and tutored wine pairing led by Amelia Singer or the one day WSET Level 1 class led by Vivienne Franks, Leiths is a great place for wine lovers to delve into all things vinous.  

Click here to browse through all of our classes, or here to browse by category.

Whatever your resolution may be, we hope you had a fantastic Christmas and look forward to welcoming you to the school in 2018!

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