Rebecca's Story

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Rebecca's Story

Rebecca Woollard, who studied English at Leeds University, realised she wanted a career in food after working the ski season in a chalet and discovering that her favourite aspect of the job was the cooking.

After taking the Two Term Diploma at Leiths, Rebecca won a coveted Leiths internship with BBC Good Food magazine before joining Woman & Home and then delicious. magazine, becoming food editor in 2014. 

Following the birth of her son last year, Rebecca became a freelancer, saying “it’s the best way to achieve the all-important balance between a career I love and being a mum.” 

She says her Leiths training still helps her to deliver work her clients love. 

“When you’re developing recipes for a food magazine you need to give your readers something new, but you also need to know how far you can push it before a cake won’t work or a dough won’t rise,” she says. 

“The great thing about going to Leiths is that you're taught the science behind all this, so you know how to prevent mistakes from happening.”


Eye to eye media. Image by Lauren McLean

Cheesecake - Eye to eye media. Image by Kate Whitaker

Author: Ailie Bishop

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