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The Skinny Bakery - A review of everyday guilt-free treats

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The Skinny Bakery -  A review of everyday guilt-free treats

This week, diploma student Lauren goes outside her comfort zone, tasting bakes without the calories...

I have always been of the mindset that, when you bake something, it has to be full of butter, sugar and all things bad for you. To me, baked goods should be a delicious treat that may or may not make you feel a bit guilty!

I recently hosted a chocolate party to celebrate the end of Lent; we each brought a chocolatey bake and then ate to our hearts' content. Caramel brownies with Kinder Bueno, chocolate cookie stack with white chocolate ganache and frangipane with chocolate chunks were all featured and I was in heaven.  

Having said that, I was recently sent products from The Skinny Bakery to review. At first I was sceptical, as their products contain very few calories or fat (and to reiterate, baking should contain all of the calories and all of the fat) but I had heard that they were delicious. I was fortunate enough to receive a range of treats, from biscuits to cake pearls, and so I tucked into it all.  

First on the list were the Skinny Mini Gingerbread Men and the Skinny Chocolate Orange Biscuits. My first thought was that they seemed a little Christmassy for April, but then gingerbread and chocolate orange are two of my favourite flavours so I wasn’t going to complain. I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of these biscuits; they were a little flavourless but had a good texture. However, if you’re looking for something sweet without the guilt, there are only 109 calories in the whole packet! Baffling.  

I was excited to try the cake pearls, I had received three different flavours: red velvet, carrot cake and chocolate. Each was as delightful as the next! I was honestly very impressed with these bites of deliciousness. A cake pearl is essentially a mini cupcake with the frosting in the middle, and this carrot cake flavour was filled with carrot quark and low fat yoghurt. So delicious I had to stop myself from devouring the entire pack in under 5 minutes (although, even if I had there were only 194 calories!). I have always worried that healthy bakes will taste healthy, but these were very moreish just like any other slice of cake.  

The red velvet and chocolate pearls were also fantastic, although the red velvet were slightly synthetic in colour, but that can’t be helped sometimes when adding colouring. I couldn’t fault them though, the cake was perfectly baked with the filling completing the bite-sized goodness.  

I would genuinely recommend these to friends and family looking for a sweet hit that isn’t 'bad' for you. I still believe that a brownie should be full of chocolate and butter rather than sweet potato, but it’s opened my mind to alternative ways of baking and creating delicious sweets that contain fewer calories and less sugar.  

By Lauren Cartridge 

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Lauren Cartridge

Author: Lauren Cartridge


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