Up your Summer Grilling game, with Silla Bjerrum

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Up your Summer Grilling game, with Silla Bjerrum

Grilling season is just about upon us, and it’s finally time to get the BBQs out of the garden shed.

At our house, Easter always seemed to be the moment where we could find a reasonable excuse to reignite our excitement for outdoor cooking. I am married to a pit master enthusiast, so from Easter until mid-October we have a healthy, ongoing battle taking place over the coals in our back garden. When it comes to glowing embers my passion lies with the binchotan, the Japanese specialist coal known for its pure charcoal benefits.

I used to jokingly say that despite being a chef I did very little cooking, except perhaps for the perfect steaming of sushi rice, as sushi really is a cool matter. However, about 5 years ago I started to extend my range beyond the occasional noodle, tempura or gyoza dish and really got into the tradition of grilling over binchotan coals.

So what is Robata and Binchotan? Coarsely speaking there are two traditions. The more urban phenomenon of yakitori skewers, usually chicken pieces on a stick, basted in a delicious teriyaki sauce or the more restaurant based robata grilling of fantastic ingredient led recipes of meat, fish and vegetables. The beauty is that this style of grilling is simple enough for anyone to achieve a brilliant, delicious and healthy plate of food.

With Leiths inviting to me teach London’s first Robata grilling course this spring, I am more than excited to share my many years of perfecting the art of grilling, alongside teaching various side dishes. On the course I will teach various grill dishes with a Japanese accent; all easy to execute, but utterly delicious in their simplicity.

By tradition this is not the intense meat feast we often associate with a more westernised backyard BBQ, but rather a thoughtful mixture of plant-based options, meat and fish alongside a selection of side dishes that are achievable to replicate for this summer’s outdoor dinner party season.

The provenance of all ingredients is at the core of everything that I do and will be strongly echoed in this class, with an underlying philosophy that sharing quality reared protein makes for a more sustainable eating experience. Grilling on binchotan is part of the class, but recipes can easily be adapted to a regular gas or coal barbecue.

Japanese Robata Grilling with Feng Sushi co-founder, Silla Bjerrum, launches on Sat 13 Apr 2019, visit Leiths.com website to book. https://www.leiths.com/classes...

Author: Silla Bjerrum


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