Week 9 Advanced Term: Ross Gee calls service on his time at Leiths

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Week 9 Advanced Term: Ross Gee calls service on his time at Leiths

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Ross Gee ponders how far the diploma students have come this year as he prepares to launch his career as a restaurant chef.

What’s it like to be ‘95%’ Leiths-trained and considering your future?

To tell you the truth it smells good. It smells like kitchens. Restaurant kitchens.

Leiths creates opportunities and avenues aplenty, it may nudge you into new unexpected directions or reinforce what you already had planned. For this chef, it was the latter. I came in wanting to be in restaurants and I will be leaving in about two weeks to go straight in. Deep.

It will be hot. And there’s certainly no hot without busy. And there’s no busy without a rush to set up your section. Own your section. Stock it. Run it. Boss it.

That’s what this chef wants. I’m ready as well. We all are. Wherever you’re headed, 9 months deep, with the quality of our learning experience, we should feel ready. We’ve cooked a lot, tasted a lot, and focused a lot. Time to call ‘service’ for real.

We’ll be calling it a few more times at Leiths first, though. Foie gras and chicken liver parfait, brioche and Sauternes jelly needs to be served. A creative day where we take charge of the menu also lies in store; here’s a rabbit, cook it. And make it pretty. And tasty. By three‘o clock, yeah? Right.

You imagine tasks like that when you were bright eyed and bushy tailed in the foundation term. You’d need to change your pants.

Scribble, scribble. Ideas flow. Quickly. I’m thinking a citrus-marinated and roasted saddle, raviolo of braised leg, black pudding purée, glazed spring vegetables and pancetta crumb. Buzz. Service please! Clean. We’re cooking proper things now. Gone are the plates of scrambled egg, in are the plates of grilled lobster, petit fours and fresh tortellini. This is it. It’s where I wanted to be. Just got a pasta machine.

It might be getting some extensive use at home if pasta features on our practical exam. That’s one of a handful of obstacles still standing in between us and our Diplomas. A theory exam will be put in front of us in a few days, and a few days after we’ll be walking into said big, stinking practical exam. That’ll be good. There’s a dinner party to organise too on a beautifully tight budget. No langoustines.

None of these tasks are simple and none can be done without careful planning and calculation. Much like a restaurant lunch or dinner service. Sprinkle some fun in there before we go though, no? Like an exclusive Q&A session with Marco Pierre White, Bruce Poole and live cooking demonstrations with Bruno Loubet, Tom Kerridge and Atul Kochhar. These are people that are at the forefront of the industry and have been for decades. They come to see us. They come to feed us. That’s Leiths.

Author: Lizzy Jones


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