Where are they now? Natalie Thomson

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Where are they now? Natalie Thomson

2012 graduate Natalie Thompson is a freelance food stylist & recipe writer

Name: Natalie Thomson

Year graduated: 2012

Current job title: Food Stylist and Recipe Writer

How would you describe your year on the diploma at Leiths in 3 words?

Intense, fun, inspiring

What were you doing/Where were you working before the diploma?

I worked in Financial Recruitment. I had interned for a summer at Good Housekeeping Magazine once I left University and discovered the
Leiths Diploma. After that, I worked purely to save for the Diploma.

What made you decide to start the diploma?

I had always known about Leiths but it was not until I worked with the food team at Good Housekeeping Magazine that I realised I wanted to train professionally so I could become a Food Stylist.

What were the highlights of your year at Leiths?

I met a lot of like-minded people and friends who I am still very close with. It was a brilliant year because every week you are doing so
many different things and learning constantly.

What was your first job or work experience following the diploma?

I was very lucky to have met contacts through Leiths which meant by first job was working as a Home Economist on a BBC Nigel Slater series. It was the most amazing first job and kept me really motivated going forward.

Where are you working now?

I now work as a freelance Food Stylist and Recipe Writer. I work witha mixture of Magazines, Publishers, Television Companies and

How has the diploma helped you in your current role?

Absolutely. Without the Diploma, I would not be doing my job now. I am very grateful of that.

How often do you use the skills you learnt at Leiths?

Everyday and the most valuable thing we were taught was time management. It sounds like a minor part, but it has completely changed
the way I work. Aside from that, having such a good, broad knowledge helps me every single day.

What are your long term career goals?

I have found my dream career and cannot believe that, so it is difficult to know what will come next. I would love to write my own
cookbook and experience new sides of the industry.

What are you cooking or eating for dinner tonight?

Tonight I am actually recipe testing, so it is a mix of chilli and lime prawns, spiced BBQ chicken and tofu. Not a full meal but hopefully
very delicious.

What key piece of advice would you offer to anyone thinking of studying at Leiths?

Take it seriously. A year at Leiths will be harder than you ever imagine but if you work hard enough, you really can achieve what you want and gain the opportunities you hope for.

What is your favourite restaurant to eat at?

My favourite restaurant is Trullo in London. It is simple Italian food which is done so well, it blows me away every time!


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