Why won't my dough rise?

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Why won't my dough rise?

Helene Robinson-Molke answers your questions on dough not rising.

Q: I’ve been making bread for a while and have no problem getting the dough to rise – but when I try to make things like fruit buns, croissants and English muffins my dough refuses to rise at all, even though I’m careful with liquid and proving temperatures, reactivation of dried yeast etc. I end up with thick, doughy lumps! What am I doing wrong? Anne Watson

A: There are a few possible reasons for this. How much salt are you putting in? Too much salt will slow the dough right down… Is the milk scalded and cooled when added to the yeast? There is an enzyme in milk that affects the yeast growth.

Finally, enriched doughs will move much slower than simple ones as there is more to slow the yeast down and so it will need proving for almost double the time as a normal bread dough! Hope this helps. Hélène Robinson-Moltke, Senior Teacher at Leiths

Helene Robinson-Moltke

Author: Helene Robinson-Moltke


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