​Wine Student of the Year 2019, Camilla Stanton shares her prize winning adventures at Louis Latour vineyards

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​Wine Student of the Year 2019, Camilla Stanton shares her prize winning adventures at Louis Latour vineyards

Camilla receives the Wine Student of the Year Award from David Hargreaves of Louis Latour

Since winning the coveted prize of Leiths Wine Student of the Year in 2019, Camilla has had a whirlwind of success and experiences along the way. Jetting off to Burgundy this week, Camilla will explore the Louis Latour vineyards, wineries, cooperage and production facilities for a unforgettable deep dive into her love of wine.

Life since leaving Leiths has been a rollercoaster of excitement, challenges, fun, exhaustion and a very steep learning curve! Two weeks after graduation, I managed to secure a stage at three Michelin star Arzak restaurant in San Sebastián, with one of my ultimate culinary heroes; Elena Arzak - effectively the guitarist’s equivalent of jamming with Jimi Hendrix! A couple of weeks after that I found myself cooking for a group of 20 on a private island off the coast of Devon, foraging for samphire on the coast line, managing my husband as my sous chef and cooking for three days with no electricity and only a wood fired Rayburn cooker!

Since September I have been working at Gravetye Manor, a Michelin star restaurant in West Sussex. I’m lucky to work in the middle of the countryside with one of the oldest kitchen gardens in the country. It’s amazing to be able to use all the fresh produce straight from the gardens each day. However, adjusting to the hours, the speed and the kitchen environment has definitely been a challenge - no longer do I get any kind, encouraging words from the lovely Leiths teachers when something doesn’t go right! Having said that, I’ve learnt a huge amount and have had the opportunity to work across all the sections in the kitchen with some hugely talented chefs.

Throughout all the new opportunities and challenges since graduation, my mind has kept going back to one particular aspect of Leiths with an immense level of excitement. At the Leiths graduation party, I was lucky enough to win Wine Student of the Year. The prize - and the reason for 8 months of excitement - a trip for two to Burgundy sponsored by Louis Latour.

For me, the WSET wine lectures at Leiths were immensely enjoyable, and not just because it often meant starting wine tasting at 10.30 in the morning and gave my classmates and I an excuse to have weekly ‘wine revision’ sessions! I have always loved wine, but learning more about it deepened my understanding and in turn my appreciation has grown exponentially. The course gave me a considerably broader view of wine styles and regions and I now have much more confidence to be more adventurous in picking wines!

This week, my husband and I will travel on the Eurostar to Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy and spend 3 days in the Louis Latour vineyards, wineries, cooperage and production facilities. With an itinerary that consists of 17 wines on one day, I’m sure all the excitement will have been justified!

Follow Camilla’s adventure on her Instagram stories @camillastanton_food.

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