...and all through the land, keen cooks were preparing, with Leiths guide in hand. Jewelled red cabbage was cooked on the stove, mulled red wine laced with orange and clove.

Honey-glazed carrots were ready to rock; a rich Turkey gravy was made with fresh stock. Carving knives sharpened, they all went to bed, to dream of the home-made banquet ahead.

The very next morning, all kitchens were calm; Leiths' step-by-step guide prevented alarm. And in every dining room, merry and bright, juicy bronze Turkeys were carved with delight.

The meat was so tender, the stuffing so tasty, the rush for second helpings was really quite hasty! With plates cleared away, a hush filled each room; as puddings were flamed to a chorus of oohs!

After the meal, with everyone sated, one chief cook was feeling...rather elated. "I thought I'd be frazzled, that I'd feel the strain, but with Leiths it is easy...break out the champagne!"

If you want your meal to be the bees knees, read on and we'll help you achieve it with ease! We've canapés too, and a great vegan pie; flapjacks for Rudolph, and cocktails to try.

It's all tried-and-tested at our cooking school, to help you and your kin have a delicious yule!

We have also launched our Leiths Advent Calendar! So stay tuned for foodie inspiration, recipes and prizes being revealed each day.

Culinary SOS!

Need to brush up your skills before the hoards arrive? Cooking dinner for the first time? Relax, we can help! We run a wide range of pre-Christmas classes at Leiths. Don’t miss Christmas Entertaining, Festive Baking, and Festive Canapés and Wine Pairings with Louis Latour. We’ve got some great holiday classes for teenagers, or you could even escape to our kitchen for a whole week if you take one of our skills courses! And if you just want to cook a wonderful Christmas lunch for your family, don’t miss our expert demonstration, The Perfect Christmas Lunch.


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