Summary Recipe Writing with Jennifer Joyce

Would you like to be the author of that treasured cookbook, the one that is passed from friend to friend, becoming ever more dog-eared? Or would you like to see your food blog grow in popularity, with strangers cooking your recipes and sharing the pictures?

If so, you’ll feel challenged and inspired on our recipe writing class, led by prolific recipe writer Jennifer Joyce.

During this interactive, hands-on, entertaining day, you’ll learn how the professionals write good recipes; explaining difficult cookery techniques to their readers and developing new dishes without plagiarising other recipes.

You’ll need to write a wok recipe before the class as you will be handing it to your classmate to cook, and watching to see how they get on. This invaluable exercise will help you put yourself in your readers’ shoes; you don’t want them wondering which pan they should be adding the stock to, so you must be clear! It also means lunch is sorted.

You’ll also learn the best ways to pitch your recipes to websites, magazines and publishers, and how to best use social media platforms.

The course will be led by Jennifer Joyce, author of ten successful cookbooks including My Asian Kitchen, Meals in Heels and My Street Food Kitchen. Jennifer is a regular contributor to Waitrose Kitchen, BBC Good Food and Sainsbury's Magazine and is known for cooking vibrant international food with a certain joie de vivre. Students will finish the day feeling confident in their ability to conceptualise, develop, write and edit recipes, eager to put their new skills to good use.

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Allergies and dietary restrictions

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What you'll learn Recipe Writing with Jennifer Joyce

  • How to write a great recipe
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to avoid plagiarism
  • How to improve your recipe once you have seen someone cook it
  • Further practical exercises, including writing another recipe and receiving feedback from your peers
  • How to write for different audiences
  • How to pitch to magazines and publisher
  • How to write for different social media platforms

Practical info Recipe Writing with Jennifer Joyce

Essential information:

  • While no cooking experience is necessarily required, you will be doing a small amount of cooking, so some familiarity with basic cookery will be helpful.

What you need to bring:

  • A notebook and pen or pencil
  • Flat soled shoes, long trousers and a long sleeved top are advisable for the cooking session.

Allergies and dietary restrictions:

We are happy to make adjustments where possible. Some classes are however unsuitable for people with particular intolerances – where the menu would need to be completely different. We need 10 days' notice to be able to properly check the class and adjust the order accordingly. Please read our full policy on allergies and dietary restrictions here.

Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce, an American food writer, stylist and chef living long-term in London has written several successful cookbooks for the US and UK markets and is a regular contributor to Olive Magazine, BBC Good Food and Sainsbury's magazine. She has appeared in food TV shows in both the UK and the States. She is known for her fresh, healthy, and easy food with vibrancy and a certain joie de vivre.

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