Covid Health & Safety Information

Welcoming you back

We have really missed cooking together and we are delighted to be able to welcome you back safely to the school.

We are doing everything necessary to be smart and safe about it and we are ensuring our students are doing the same. If you experience any symptoms do not come into school and let us know A.S.A.P.

Key procedures in the building:

Please contact for full procedures.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the building.
  • All staff and students who are not exempt must wear masks at all times from entering to leaving the building except when eating or drinking (at which times they should face away from others and socially distance). This is necessary as it is not always possible to be distanced from one another – when sharing a task with another student or receiving help or feedback from teachers. FFP2 masks are recommended for vulnerable students
  • Touch points are regularly cleaned with appropriate antibacterial cleaning products.
  • Teachers will ask students to wash their hands at the start of classes and maintain scrupulous hygiene throughout the class. They will try to stagger tasks to prevent crowding and encourage students to work at a distance from one another where possible.

Testing for Leiths courses:

All staff, students and visitors are asked to show their NHS covid pass and a negative lateral flow test before entering the building. (You can contact if you are unable to show a pass for any reason or need help locating/uploading it.) We will share the necessary link to do so.

  • Leiths welcomes students who are fully vaccinated or exempt from vaccination. Students who have chosen not to be vaccinated will be welcomed again once we have been able to relax procedures.
  • All students are sent a link to a form specific to each particular course which makes it easy to send us your results. This will be sent in an email with the other joining instructions prior to your course.
  • You will be advised on when you need to test according to your particular course – see your pre-course email.
  • Students are asked to ensure they have a suitable supply of lateral flow tests at home
  • All students are sent a link to a form to complete so you can share your NHS COVID Pass

Students taking courses running over 1 – 3 consecutive days will only need to take one test up to 24 hours before arriving at the school on the first day. Courses running twice a week or more will require more regular testing. See your pre-course email.

What will happen if a student tests positive:

We will contact the whole student group by email as soon as we have been notified.

  • We will tell you who has tested positive so that you can assess your contact with them.
  • Students (and teachers) in the same class will be asked to take a daily test for 10 days. (This will depend on length of the class you are attending and will be advised by Leiths)
  • Students who have had close contact (have been less than 2m away without a mask for more than 15 minutes within school or out of school) must take a PCR test and share a negative result before returning to school. This may include those working on the same table or sitting together during a demonstration.
  • Other students will not have to test or isolate as long as they have followed the procedures (maintaining distance, wearing masks) unless directed by NHS track and trace.

If you receive a positive Covid result please call the school ASAP and ensure you speak to one of our staff on 02087496400.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during these changing times and look forward to cooking with you at Leiths soon!

Updated January 2022.


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