This technique is the same whether you are using a raw or a cooked filling, but if using a filling that requires cooking, avoid being too generous with the filling or the pasta will be overcooked by the time the filling is cooked. Allow the shaped ravioli to dry a little on a lightly floured/semolina sprinkled tray before cooking.

...Assemble ravioli

Step by step

1 Lay a rolled piece of pasta on the work surface. Spoon the filling at intervals along the length, leaving enough pasta around the filling to seal the top layer of pasta. Brush a little water around each spoonful of filling, then carefully lay a second rolled piece of pasta on top.

2 Starting from the middle of the pasta, use the side of your forefingers to seal and shape the ravioli, before moving on to the next little mound of filling. Try to ensure that no air bubbles are left around the filling, within each ravioli.

3 Once all the ravioli are sealed, cut them with a cutter for a clean finish. Using your fingertips, press out the pasta border around the filling to thin it out a little so the pasta cooks evenly; it may be necessary to re-cut the ravioli after this.

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