When cream is whisked, air bubbles are trapped as the cream thickens, enabling whipped cream to lighten and enrich mixtures, even helping them to set.

...Whisk cream

Step by step

1 Soft peak: When whisked to this stage, cream is thick enough to form soft peaks that hold briefly as you lift the whisk, then dissipate back into the cream. If cream is to be folded into another mixture, such as crème pâtissière, it should be of a similar consistency, usually soft peak.

2 Medium peak: To use for sandwiching cakes together or for piping, cream needs to be whisked to a slightly firmer peak, so it is just holding its shape but not splitting or looking ragged and textured if piped.

3 Piping consistency: When piping whisked cream, it may overheat in a piping bag held by warm hands, and the last of the cream may curdle before it is piped. To avoid this, slightly under-whisk the cream, or only half-fill the piping bag.

Rescuing over-whipped cream...
If cream is a little over-whipped, you can rescue it by folding a little milk into it. It may first appear to thicken lumpily, but then it should smooth out and soften a little. Take care, as too much milk will loosen the cream too much, and it will be too runny to use.

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