While the Leiths Diploma is always a popular choice after finishing school or university, we welcome just as many career changers; you might be surprised to learn the average age on our Diploma is 27.

Training at Leiths is an exhilarating experience, and one that can open many doors. When you come to Leiths after working in another profession, you bring skills and experience that can only benefit you as you carve out your niche in the food industry.

Students join us from banking, management consultancy and computing, like Tom Tom Tsappis, Salima Dhalla and Lara Lee.

Some, like Chris Rowley, have already dreamt up their future food business, others, like Pete Dreyer, come to Leiths because we make it so easy to explore different career opportunities.

Not everyone joins us from the City; Nico Rilla worked in film, and Hugo Jeffreys was a sound engineer.

We’ve even welcomed successful doctors onto our course; have a read of Shanika Basnayake’s recipe and bio on page 35 of our magazine.

The main thing our students have in common is a love of good food, and the curiosity and passion needed to try something new.

So wherever you work now, and wherever you want to get to in food, get in touch. During your 1-2-1 careers chat (which can be over video call), we’ll discuss your skills and passions, and help you uncover your future in food. Email registrar@leiths.com to book your place now.


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