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Learn to create perfect pastries, beautiful baked goods and show-stopping sweet treats with Leiths’ 12-week Introduction to Patisserie online course and certificate.

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Learn the key fundamentals of patisserie, from the comfort of your own home

Are you ready to become a patisserie pro?

Our 12-week online Introduction to Patisserie course explores an exciting range of pastries, cakes and other key elements of patisserie to develop a solid grounding across both technical and practical skill sets.

The course is ideal for ambitious home cooks and keen bakers who can nail a banana bread but now wish to up their abilities and repertoire, or for previous students of our online Essential or Chef Skills courses who are ready to advance and refine their prowess in the patisserie department.

As the course progresses, you will conquer the likes of intricate petits fours, macarons with passion fruit ganache, individual tartes au citron and a classic brownie with a salted caramel twist. Along the way you’ll hone a plethora of essential skills including pastry work - choux, shortcrust and pâte sucrée - cake preparation and elaborate decoration techniques. Once you’ve mastered these timeless methods, you will be armed with the confidence to adapt and add your own personal flair to adventurous recipes and be able to identify and navigate your way through any problems which may occur during patisserie preparation.

As you will be learning a broad collection of skills over the few weeks, the course will run at a professional pace and will result in you making a large quantity of treats, so we recommend being ready to share your creations with your friends and neighbours.

Price: £895

Learn from Leiths expert teachers in your own home

Learn a vast variety of patisserie skills, techniques and practices from the same expert Leiths teachers who teach at the school

Access your step-by-step, video guided cooking sessions anywhere on mobile, tablet or on the web, via the Workshop app

Learn alongside a class of likeminded aspiring cooks and receive real feedback on your cooking sessions from your dedicated class mentor

The learning experience

Our online course is brought to you in collaboration with Leiths’ digital partner; Workshop. Workshop app is an interactive online learning platform which allows you to access all of your course materials anywhere, anytime.

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Bespoke mentorship

Throughout your course, you'll receive real-time, bespoke tuition and feedback on each of your cooking sessions from your dedicated Leiths mentor.

Introduction to Patisserie: 12-Week Online Course

This 12-week course will teach you patisserie proficiency, guiding you through timeless techniques and methods that every baker and pastry chef worth their salt will intuitively employ in a modern kitchen.

Each week, you will unlock a new batch of video-based sessions that take you step-by-step through the process of cooking everything from pastries through to truffles. With Workshop's unique hands-on method of learning, you'll be cooking from day one with no need to read pages of theory in advance.

By joining the course, you will have access to the following through the Workshop app:

✓ 12 units, unlocked weekly, guiding you through ~4-6 hours of cooking time each week
✓ 34 individual cooking sessions
✓ Expert guidance and one-to-one support from your class mentor ✓ Collaborative group chat with your own private class and mentor ✓ Feedback on your creations from your class and mentor via a private in-app feed of photo uploads
✓ A Certificate of Completion when you finish the course

In addition to the core aspects of the course, you will also get:

  • Downloadable Leiths recipes and theory notes for you to keep
  • Access to all video sessions for an additional 9 months from the start of your course date.

Price: £895


Average cooking time: 4-6 hours per week

  • At the start of each week, you will be prompted to schedule 1-5 practical sessions and to gather all the kit you’ll need to start cooking.
  • In every session, you will follow a Leiths teacher through a series of step-by-step videos in your own kitchen, learning directly through your experience.
  • After each session, you will be asked to upload photos of your creations for discussion and feedback from your classmates and mentor.
  • At the end of your course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. However, the real proof is in the pudding! You will have built up hands-on practical cookery skills that will last you a lifetime.

Don’t run out of eggs!

Every week, you’ll cover a different skill and require a variety of ingredients. Ensure you’re ready to go by planning well ahead, and use our handy equipment and ingredients lists (sent to students when they enrol) for each unit.

This course has been carefully written to provide both practical and theoretical understanding of all areas of patisserie. The structure of the sessions will encourage repetition, bringing together multiple elements to refine and develop your skills.

With a host of exciting new recipes, you will be able to challenge your technical ability. Be prepared for 12 weeks of incredible sweet treats and a fully immersive cooking experience alongside expert mentoring.

Unit 1. Shortcrust pastry
Unit 2. Choux pastry
Unit 3. Toppings, garnishes and caramel
Unit 4. Cake making
Unit 5. Baking
Unit 6. Biscuits
Unit 7. Meringues
Unit 8. Sweet pastries and fillings
Unit 9. Gelatine
Unit 10. Petits fours
Unit 11. Genoise
Unit 12. Breakfast pastries



Do I need to complete sessions at specific times?

Your class will be moving forward at a pace of 1 unit per week. However, after each unit is unlocked, you have the freedom to complete each session entirely at your own pace. You can also schedule your sessions for times that suit your lifestyle.

This course has been carefully designed to embrace the advantages of real-world, in-person learning experiences but in the comfort of your own kitchen. You will be taken through the subject matter week by week to give you the chance to digest what you’ve learnt whilst progressing at a steady pace alongside your classmates. Unlike a real-world course though, you will also have the opportunity to revisit sessions and practice whenever and wherever you like!

What if I miss a week?

There’s no need to worry if you have a holiday booked or have to miss a week or two during the course. You’ll have access to your course dashboard for a total of 12 months from your start date, and so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up if you need to.

How will I interact with my class?

Shortly before your course start date, you will be invited to introduce yourself to the rest of your class via messaging on the Workshop app.

Each week, your class will unlock a new unit together, encouraging you all to cook the same dishes in the same week. At the end of every session, you will be asked to upload a photo of your dish, which your class and mentor will be able to view, like and provide feedback on.

What is the typical workload per week of the course?

With 1-5 practical sessions to complete each week, you can typically expect to be cooking for around 4-6 hours per week - depending on the recipe (and the student!).

Some recipes may take up to a day to complete when we take into account things like cooling, setting etc. Preparation is key!

Please be mindful to read through recipes and time plans thoroughly as some recipes will require advanced preparation and setting time. And always make sure you have given yourself enough time and think about weighing up and cleaning down when planning your cooking sessions.

Will I get a list of all the cooking equipment I’ll need for the course ahead of time?

Yes, you can find an equipment list in the course curriculum, which can be downloaded on the course web page. We’ll send you a full equipment list and a list of good suppliers after you have purchased the course too. Make sure to keep an eye on your emails (including your spam folder) for this!

How long will I have access to the course?

Access to all video sessions for an additional 9 months after your course finishes.

Units (including video sessions and supporting materials) will become available week by week as your class progresses through the course.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

There is no assessment at the end of your course. Instead, you will be required to upload photographs of your creations after you have completed each session (regardless of the quality of the physical outcome).

Once you have uploaded a photo for every session on the course, your mentor will confirm that you have completed the course and you will be awarded your certificate. This will be emailed to you by Workshop and attached as a PDF for you to print off at home.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you book your place over 30 days before your course start date, you can cancel your booking and claim a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

If you book your place within 30 days of the course start date, you can claim a full refund within 14 days of your purchase.

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