Summary Essential Cooking Certificate: Online Course

£1495 (+£600 optional accreditation fee)

  • 20 Jun 2020 - 5 Dec 2020
  • 4 Jul 2020 - 19 Dec 2020
  • 18 Jul 2020 - 2 Jan 2021
  • 18 Jul 2020 - 2 Jan 2021
  • 1 Aug 2020 - 16 Jan 2021
  • 21 Aug 2020 - 5 Feb 2021
  • 21 Aug 2020 - 5 Feb 2021

For those short on time or unable to travel to our school in London, our Essential Cooking Certificate is now available in a flexible, 24-week, digital format. This means that you can receive professional Leiths training in the comfort of your own home!

Training with Leiths is all about developing your culinary skills as an individual. While a lot of our professional students go on to become restaurant chefs, we’re aware that not everyone aims to enter the cheffing world. That’s why we’ve carefully designed our offering of courses to fit a range of lifestyles, life stages and ambitions.

With our London kitchens packed to the brim, we’ve always been on the lookout for ways to share the expertise of our teachers beyond our four walls. When we looked at how to achieve this, our primary consideration was ensuring an exceptional quality of teaching.

That is why we decided to team up with Workshop – a London-based start up dedicated to creating better ways of learning online – to create the digital equivalent of our Essential Cooking Certificate. This means that you can now learn with Leiths through your smartphone or tablet.

Students will have the choice of enrolling for the full accreditation (complete with two-day practical course at the school to determine their final mark) or simply learning to cook and gaining a certificate of completion. Those opting for the latter will not be expected to pay the accreditation fee. See the assessment paragraph for more information on gaining the accreditation.


Please note, students enrolling on the online course must be 16 or over.

This course is ideal for aspiring cooks who want to refine their skills but are unable to travel to our school on a regular basis for their tuition.

If you would like to learn a vast number of cookery skills for a professional environment, yet don't have the flexibility to commit full-time or part-time study in London, this interactive digital course is for you.

Whether you live regionally in the UK, or in international locations such as the Americas and Australia, you will have access to our renowned training wherever you are in the world. This is made possible with the state-of-the-art technology brought to us by Workshop, who have designed an experience-led, interactive app, allowing you to cook along with our expert chefs at home.

Those who commit to studying for the accredited Essential Cooking Certificate can look forward to unlocking a whole world of new career options:

• Cooking for private clients and families
• Planning your own food business
• Working in safari lodges or ski chalets
• Running B&Bs, delis and cake shops
• Working in food media
• Developing recipes for magazines and cookbooks
• Assisting food stylists and home economists
• Cooking for supper clubs
• Many more food-related roles

However, if you simply love food and want to learn techniques that will lead to a lifetime of confident cooking at home, you may prefer to study for a certificate of completion. This means that you’ll still get access to all of the great teaching, but you won’t be expected to visit the school for the two-day accreditation course.


Workshop's mission is to uncover the best ways to allow teachers to pass on their knowledge. The team are committed to using research-backed methodologies to improve the way you learn, using technology.

As we designed the digital certificate, we drew on this expertise to overcome some of the hurdles that come with distance learning.

Not only has this research had an impact on the way our units are taught; it has also highlighted the importance of communicating with your teachers and peers throughout the course. This is why, when you enrol for our digital certificate, you will be part of a cohort of fellow students.

You’ll learn at the same pace as your cohort and will have access to a class tutor, who you’ll be able check in with throughout the course.

A unit will be released at the same time each week, for 24 weeks. Once the content of that unit has been unlocked, you will have all week to find a time that suits you to complete it. If you are away on holiday or commitments mean that you can't complete that week's unit, you will be able to catch up later.

You will have access to the course content for one year after it has been released to you, which should allow you plenty of time to practice your skills with confidence.


Cooking time per week: 3 hours on average.

1. At the start of each week, you’ll be prompted to schedule 2-4 practical sessions and to gather all the kit you’ll need to start cooking.

2. In every session, you’ll follow a Leiths teacher through a series of step-by-step videos in your own kitchen, learning directly through experience.

3. After each session, you will be encouraged to upload pictures of your creations for discussion and feedback from your classmates and teachers.

4. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and can earn full accreditation by taking an assessment in London for an additional fee.


You will receive feedback and advice on how to improve throughout the course, by communicating with one of our class tutors about your progress remotely. You’ll be asked to share photos of your progress in each session which your peers and class tutor will be able to appraise.

The online course concludes with an extended cooking exercise, which you will take pictures of and send to us so that we can give you detailed feedback and ensure that you've picked up the necessary skills to gain a certificate of completion. At this stage, if you've opted for the full accreditation, we will review your progress to determine whether you're ready for the practical cookery course at the school.

This review is designed to provide you with a realistic expectation of how you will perform in the practical assessment in London.

If we don't think you will pass, we will be honest and constructive so that you can hone certain techniques and skills that may need improvement, thus avoiding wasted travel and expense. You may re-take the filmed exercise until you're confident that you'll perform well on the two-day practical course.

If you choose to take the full accreditation, you will be given a choice of dates for the two-day course. Once these dates have been set, you will be able to pay the fee and secure your place.


If you are planning on completing the two-day accreditation course, you will need to have already taken the online training courses below. We will need to see evidence that you have completed these training courses in order to award you the full Leiths Essential Cooking Certificate:

It is essential that you have gained the qualifications above in order to work in a professional kitchen environment.


If you complete the accredited course, you will be eligible to apply for our professional Two Term Diploma to continue your culinary training. This full time course takes place at our school in London over 6 months, from January through to the end of June each year.

Students who gain the accreditation will also have access to our chef's agency, Leiths List. Our team there will work with you to find suitable roles in the food industry.


If you'd like to test out the technology to see how the digital teaching works, we recommend trying our Hollandaise masterclass. This Workshop is available to download immediately and only costs £9.99.

Simply click here to get a taste of Leiths Online!


Once you've clicked through to purchase the course, you'll be taken to Workshop's website to complete the transaction. There, you'll be given two payment choices:

  • One-time payment of £1,495 with 30-day free cancellation (up to 30 days before your start date)
  • Payment Plan: £600 initial payment plus 3 instalments of £365 (due monthly from date of purchase)

Please note, Leiths vouchers are not redeemable for our online courses.

If you have any questions about this course, please email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, feel free to call us on +44 20 8749 6400.

What you'll learn Essential Cooking Certificate: Online Course

The curriculum for the Essential Digital Certificate has been directly informed by the techniques and recipes learnt on our Evening Essential Certificate.

You will cover the following skills:

• Stock making
• Knife skills
• Shortcrust pastry
• Vegetable cooking
• Pan frying meat and sauces
• Meringues
• Sugar syrups
• Fish
• Choux pastry
• Shellfish
• Roasting
• Pasta
• Bread
• Stewing
• Creamed, rubbed-in, melted and whisked cakes
• Gelatine
• Jointing
• Butchery
• Baking for dietary requirements
• Egg cooking

You will also learn how to plan the timings of your cooking, along with the basics of food business, including costing, staffing and marketing.

Each of the 24 units will come with accompanying notes and recipes, so that you can revise the necessary theory as you go, and practice your skills to build up your confidence in the kitchen.

One unit (which comprises two to four sessions, depending on the subject) will be released to you each week, giving you the flexibility to complete each section in your own time.

Practical info Essential Cooking Certificate: Online Course

What you'll need:

Please be aware that, because you're learning in your own home, you will be required to purchase your own ingredients for each unit.

A 'kit list' of ingredients will be made available to you at the beginning of each session so that you can plan ahead. If you're unable to find specific ingredients, advice on alternatives can be provided on request.

You will need access to a well-stocked kitchen, including at least a double hob (two rings) and an oven, preferably with a grill. In order to access the course content, you will need a smartphone or tablet and the Workshop app.

Other equipment such as a food processor and electric hand whisk are thoroughly recommended. A comprehensive list of everything you will need for the course will be sent to you ahead of the start date.

Should you need to, you can buy sets of knives directly from Leiths via our online shop. We can also advise on suitable vendors for additional equipment.

For a comprehensive list of what you will need to complete the course, click here. Please note that until the course starts in January we may be adding to this list, but the vast majority of items are already listed.

Other qualifications:

If you are planning on completing the two-day accreditation course, you will need to have already taken the online training courses below. We will need to see evidence that you have completed these training courses in order to award you the full Leiths Essential Cooking Certificate:

It is essential that you have gained the qualifications above in order to work in a professional kitchen environment.

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